Paul's Pavilion - Introduction


This exhibit began as a pavilion to shelter the many oil field engines that were either in various outside locations on the museum property or in a storage building.  It evolved into a very large - and very impressive - enclosed structure.  It is named in honor of Paul Harvey who is a major contributor to the exhibit.  Paul's Pavilion is also known as "Engine Wonderland" because, well, it is!

Paul's Pavilion is being developed but is already filled with many oil field engines and lots of interesting memorabilia.  This "See Inside" feature gives a brief preview of the exhibit and the many wonders it contains.

Read more about Paul's Pavilion in the November 2016 edition of The Flywheel.  See the May-June 2018 edition of The Flywheel for more information about oil field engines.

Paul's Pavilion
Paul's Pavilion - "Engine Wonderland"
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