Starr Station Office


This is the original office of Starr Station, a Buckeye Pipeline Company gathering station.  It was located in the mid-eastern Ohio oil fields.   

Starr Station Office
The office was attached to the original station much as it is attached to the Machine Works Building at the museum.  In the early 1970s, John Wilcox and Paul Harvey dismantled the station for the equipment but saved the beautiful original office and transported it here. 
Starr Station Interior

Pictured is the present interior of the Starr Station office.  The woodwork is all original and artifacts have been added to resemble a typical pipeline station office.  Offices usually had a telephone or telegraph for communication.  A small gas stove was included so the pumper could start the engine then keep comfortable while the oil was transported.  Note the round gauge outside the window.  The pumper could complete his daily logs while watching the discharge pressure of the crude oil.

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