Coolspring Power Museum Grounds

Coolspring Power Museum includes more than 25 exhibit buildings and pavilions located on approximately 35 acres.  In addition to our exhibit buildings, we have a number of facilities dedicated to museum services.  This tour gives an overview of these facilities and activities on our museum grounds.

Museum Sign

MUSEUM SIGN  The museum entrance is easy to find.  Just look for the flywheel sign!  Itís located on Coolspring Road, just off of Route 36 and across the bridge over the Little Sandy Creek.


GATEHOUSE  The Gatehouse stands at the entrance to the museum and is a shelter for our gate admissions volunteers.  This building is now in its third career.  It was originally located in the museum exhibit area.  Constructed from packing crates in 1990, it was first our gift shop.  It then served for a number of years as our ice cream shop before being repurposed and moved to the museum entrance.

Museum Grounds

PETE SHAFFER FIELD  A large portion of our property forms the exhibitor field.  It is named in memory of Pete Shaffer, a museum volunteer who dedicated himself to maintaining the museum's property and helping us in many other ways. This large, flat field provides a sizeable green space during most of the museumís season of operation.  The surrounding hills and forests make it a peaceful and picturesque location.

Oct 2012 Show 1Oct 2012 Show 2Oct 2012 Show 3

SHOW DAYS  During our June and October shows, Pete Shaffer Field becomes a place busy with exhibitors and their engines, vendors, flea markets, campers, and visitors.

Food Court

GOTSCHALL PAVILION Our June and October shows feature food service provided by several local vendors.  The Gotschall Pavilion next to the Susong Building becomes our food court.

Himes Ice Cream Shoppe

BOB HIMES ICE CREAM SHOPPE This new building is our greatly expanded and improved ice cream shop that replaces the building now used as our Gatehouse.  We use it to serve a very unique frozen dessert during our June and October shows.

Ice Cream Freezers

ICE CREAM CPM STYLE  Where else can you get ice cream churned by antique engines?

Ice Cream Serving

IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS  A warm, sunny, autumn day, a comfortable bench to relax on, and a cup of ice cream right from the freezer. 

Donor Bench

MUSEUM BENCHES  As you travel around the museum grounds you'll notice many benches provided by generous donors.

Pederson Pavilion

LEE PEDERSEN PAVILION  The Pedersen Pavilion is a great place for picnics or other gatherings even when the weather isn't as perfect as on this day.

Restroom Facility

RESTROOM AND SHOWER FACILITY  Our restroom and shower facility was funded largely by proceeds from the museum gift shop.  Tour the construction of this building.

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