Jack Campbell Pavilion


This structure was erected about 2000 to house the 20 hp Evans gas engine.  It  was adopted by the late Jack Campbell who faithfully maintained the engine and operated it for all museum events.  At his passing, the site was renamed and dedicated to his memory. 

Jack Campbell Pavilion
The Jack Campbell Pavilion is located next to the Susong Building.
Evans Engine

This 20 hp Evans engine was built in Butler, PA,  in the early 1900s.  It spent its working life pumping an oil well just east of Chicora, PA, and finally came to the museum about 1990.  It lived in several locations here before this final home was constructed.  Evans engines are four cycle throttling and most ran on the gas cock without a governor.  They proved most dependable for round-the-clock service and there are still some running in 24/7 service today. 

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